About Us

Hi, I’m Ashley, owner of Twine and Vine. We are a family owned small business ran with care and love. I have had a deep passion for plants for many years. Plants have beautifully transformed not only my home but also my life. The seed for becoming a plant lover began with my great grandmother having me out in the garden alongside her and seeing the great care she took with all of her beautiful plants. Many years later when I got my first place, my mother suggested that I should add some plants and I went from zero to twenty overnight. Instantly I felt a connection back to those days in the garden with my great grandmother. Over time plants changed the landscape of my life by helping to ease my daily anxiety. The daily care I was providing them became a relaxing form of meditation for me and my small collection became an ever growing oasis. Thus Twine & Vine was born out of my desire to share some of what brings me the most peace to others. It is our hope that these plants will bring you joy as well. Whether you have one plant or you have an ever growing oasis like us, plants will be sure to brighten not only your home but your days. Thanks for joining us on this journey of sharing our love of growing plants with others. With deep gratitude, thank you.