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Variegated String of Pearls

Variegated String of Pearls

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Variegated String of Pearls, this lovely plant is a trailing succulent. The variegation on the bead shaped foliage is beautiful and makes this quite a statement plant.

This plant thrives in bright indirect light. 

This plant prefers well draining soil. Water thoroughly when the top 3 inches of the soil is dry. The time it takes between waterings will vary between households. 

This plant thrives under higher humidity, 50% - 75%. To provide a humidity boost, you can sit this plant near a humidifier or on a pebble tray. 

This would make a lovely addition to any home. This plant will arrive to you in a 3 inch nursery pot and will be similar to the picture in size and appearance, though each plant is unique. 

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