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Maranta Silver Band

Maranta Silver Band

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Maranta Silver Band Prayer Plant, grown in a 6 inch hanging pot. This plant is a standout for the daily movement of its foliage. The foliage opens up during the day and folds upright in the evening, thus receiving the name prayer plant for its prayer like foliage in the evening. This stunning plant grows beautifully trailing. 

This plant thrives in both bright indirect light and medium light. Direct light will burn the foliage. 

This plant prefers well draining soil that can retain moisture. Water thoroughly when the top 3 inches of the soil is dry. The leaves will slightly curl when dry. The time it takes between waterings will vary between households. 

This plant thrives in ambient humidity.

With its stunning foliage, this plant would make a lovely addition to any home. The plant you will receive will be the exact one listed in this photo. 

This plant is very beginner friendly. 

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