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Hoya Meredithii sp Aceh Cutting

Hoya Meredithii sp Aceh Cutting

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Hoya Meredithii sp Aceh, well rooted in perlite. The leaves on this Hoya can reach over 4 inches long at maturity. Under the right conditions, Hoya Meredithii sp Aceh can also produce beautiful blooms.   

This plant thrives in bright indirect light and medium light.

This plant thrives under higher humidity, 50% - 75%, however high humidity is not necessary for this plant to grow well for you, they grow quite well under ambient conditions as well. To provide a humidity boost, you can sit this plant near a humidifier or on a pebble tray. 

This would make a lovely addition to any home. You will receive the exact plant in the photo. 

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